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ANGSTREM LLP., Enviroment, Science, Growth

High-tech solutions for increasing the efficiency of technological processes, reducing energy and resource consumption, simultaneous extraction of valuable components, processing industrial waste, remediation the ecology at technogenic fields. We can make the planet cleaner and safer!

Our Solutions

We provide the means to increase the efficiency and environmental performance / impact of the mining, metallurgical, uranium, chemical and energy industries and deliver solutions from our company.

Improving the efficiency of technological processes

Through the reduction in consumption of chemical reagent use and the extraction of additional material in the industrial mining and extraction of uranium.

Reducing energy and resources consumption

Through reduction in the cost of cleaning, repairing ISL wells, electrochemical activation of leaching solutions during the sub surface dissolution of uranium.

Simultaneous extraction of valuable components

Simultaneous extraction of rhenium, scandium and extraction of rare-earth metal concentrates via sub surface leaching of uranium compounds.

Reprocessing of industrial waste

Reprocessing of industrial wastes from the mining, metallurgical, chemical and energy sectors to enable environmental remediation and potential co-production/extraction of valuable components.

Reducing the technogenic impact on the ecology of industrial regions

Implementation of advanced methods to promote safe handling and long term storage of low-level radioactive waste for both oil and gas and uranium production sectors.

Our Projects


Commercial activities for the supply of scientific equipment.


Carrying out scientific and applied research, development and implementation of environmentally friendly technologies for the mining, uranium, chemical and energy industries.

For the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Carrying out development work and certification tests of prototypes of new X-ray devices based on polycarpellary optics for their further serial production.

For Karatau LLP

Development of normative and technical documentation and manufacture of a block for excitation and registration of X-ray radiation.

For Karatau LLP

Development of a method for determining the concentration of uranium in technological solutions and ion-exchange resins.

For Karatau LLP

Development of software for mathematical processing of X-ray fluorescence spectra and determination of uranium concentration in solutions and resins.

For Karatau LLP

Development of normative and technical documentation and creation of blocks of digital-to-analog converters.

For JSC “FIC “Alel”

Carrying out work on non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics of the main technological devices and equipment of the metallurgical plant JSC "FIC" Alel ".

For Karatau LLP

Development of devices for determining the concentration of uranium in technological solutions.

For SPC “Ulba” LLP

Development of a method for determining the concentration of uranium in technological solutions and ion-exchange resins.

For "Institute of High Technologies" LLP

Adaptation of technical instruments for measuring uranium concentration in technological solutions and development of software for their integration into a uranium accounting information system at the «Budenovskoye-2» uranium mine.

For "Institute of High Technologies" LLP

Development and manufacture of an X-ray fluorescence analyzer "Focus-L" with a vacuum attachment.


Technical diagnostics of tank equipment at the West Mynkuduk deposit of the «Appak» LLP uranium mine.

Grant from Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Development and certification of a prototype of a portable X-ray fluorescence microanalyzer for the determination of ultra-low contents (≤1 ppm) of various components.

Our Partners

Our Team

The team of ANGSTREM LLP is made up of highly qualified scientists, technologists and engineers with extensive experience, authors of scientific articles and patents.
Karmanov Erbol
Karmanov ErbolDirector
Prof. Kozhakhmetov Serik
Prof. Kozhakhmetov SerikAdvisor to the Director for Innovations
Alastair Murray
Alastair Murray Deputy Director for Marketing and Commercialisation of Innovations
Prof. Mataev Mukhametkali
Prof. Mataev MukhametkaliDeputy Director for Research
Prof. Larin Valery
Prof. Larin ValeryChief of the Department of technologies for non-ferrous and rare metals
Pavlov Alexsander
Pavlov AlexsanderChief Business Development Manager Physicist
Dr. Pravdin Oleg
Dr. Pravdin OlegChief of the material science department
Dr. Kozhakhmetova Alma
Dr. Kozhakhmetova AlmaExecutive Manager
Dr. Gorkun Valentina
Dr. Gorkun ValentinaManager of Education Program
Dr. Poyezzhaev Igor
Dr. Poyezzhaev IgorChief Geologist
Leksin Mikhail
Leksin MikhailChief of department for enrichment of mineral and technogenic ores
Sadykov Magzum
Sadykov MagzumChief manager of department for enrichment of mineral and technogenic ores
Kokumbekov Bakhyt
Kokumbekov BakhytResearch engineer
Dr. Smagulov Zhanaydar
Dr. Smagulov ZhanaydarChief of the Department for Engeneering and Desining

About Us

High-tech solutions for companies in the energy, mining and metallurgical and uranium industries.



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